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Retirement Planning ... Contact us for Solutions

Your retirement should be a time to enjoy the rewards of you hard work and savings. But wherever you are in life, retirement takes planning and preparation.

Retirement Stages
  • In Retirement
  • Near retirement (less than 10 years away)
  • Far from retirement (more than 10 years away)

Choose and Organize Your Accounts
  • Do I have the right Retirement Accounts
  • Non-Qualified Accounts
  • Organize Your Accounts
  • Should I Consolidate Accounts

Maximize Your Savings
  • Are my savings going to last throughout my retirement?
  • What is the most I can contribute with tax advantage?
  • How can I save more with all my other finacial obligations?

Manage Your Investments

  • Do I have the right asset allocation?
  • How can I plan my retirement income?
  • Should I convert to a Roth IRA?
  • Should I make changes to my investment plan in today's market?
  • How do I take advantage of my employer's retirement plans?

Define Your Expectations

  • When can I really retire?
  • What do I mean by retirement?
  • I'm retired - now what?
  • How should I handle my parents' and my children's finacial needs?

 Retirement Income and Expenses

  • What should I do if my income and expenses don't match after I retire?
  • How do I plan for health care costs?
  • What ar Required Minimum Distributions?
  • When should I take my Social Security benefit?

Common Retirement Risks

  • I've lost money - now what?
  • Is my tax strategy working for or against me?
  • What if I outlive my savings?
  • Do I have adequate health care?
  • How can I prepare for unexpected events?

Once the emergency fund is in place there are very few reasons to save outside what are commonly known as retirement accounts.

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