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College takes PLANNING


If you are like most parents, just thinking about the cost of college makes you tense and anxious.  That's understandable. Much of what we're told about educational expenses, particularly college expenses, says that if costs keep rising at current rates, it's going to cost several hundred thousand dollars to pay for a quality education.

It doesn't have to, and probably won't cost as much as these monstrous projections suggest.

Whether you've already started saving or are about to begin, odds are your emotions are leading you astray. Don't let the hype about educational costs scare you into taking a path that is less financially beneficial than others that are available.

There are many things to consider ...

 -How the Financial Aid System Works
    -Treatment of Retirement Accounts
    -Treatment of Money in The Names of Children
    -Treatment of Home Equity and Other Assets

How to Pay for Educational Expenses
    -Borrowing vs Saving Debate
    -What's College Going to Cost?
    -Qualified vs Non-Qualified Saving

Strategies to Qualify for Scholarships and Other Funding

Now is the time to help your child establish the skills and habits needed to succeed academically. All colleges are seeking students who will contribute to the school and community, and are willing to help them financially.

Funding your children's education is critical. However, your financial house must be in order before addressing this concern. First your debt to income must be in good shape. First your emergency fund must be established. First your personal retirement must be on track. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your options with a professional.

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