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Debt & Credit Solutions -

Controling debt and maintaining sound financial scores is fundimental to any comprehensive financial plan.

Borrowing can be good and productive. There are goals, like education and a home, that would be out of reach for most, with out debt. However, for many it can also lead to financial and emotional strains that cause many problems.

Borrowing can be compared to eating. One must eat to live, but some foods are better than others. How much one must eat to maintain health is another concern. It is tempting to eat too much of the bad foods.

Ridding ourselves of debt is much like dieting and may be even more difficult than giving up the foods we love.  However, in the long run, managing debt will make us healthier financially.

There are different financial diet strategies.  Which one makes sense depends on the overall financial situation and total debts realative to income.


-Using Savings to Reduce Debt

-Getting Out of Debt If You Lack Savings

-Last Resort: Bankruptcy

It always helps to visit with a professional to develop an efficient strategy, especially if the problem has become chronic. Please 
contact us if we can help.        


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