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   Welcome to the Teacher's Lounge 

 One  thing that gives me  immense pleasure and great  hope is to reflect upon heroes. We are all awed by the soldiers in a far  away land,  risking  everything to make us safe and protect our liberty. And, what about fire fighters and the police; certainly they are heroes. We should take time reflect upon their sacrifice and develop  gratitude for their service. 

This place, however, is reserved to honor and pay tribute to another hero, often forgotten, and many times under appreciated. The unheralded heroes I speak of are TEACHERS. The vast majority of educators toil in obscurity, committed to nurturing children and rescuing them from lives of illiteracy and poverty. Except for an occasional award and limited acknowledgement within the profession, the critical work of educating our children, maintaining a competitive work force, of passing on an understanding of our history and of providing all children, regardless of their race or life circumstances, a chance to realize their potential and fulfill their destiny, this critical work fails to garner the respect and recognition it deserves.  On a personal and selfish note, I would like this place to honor the teachers who have made a difference in my life. In my mind, the value of a good teacher is impossible to measure.  How does one measure the value of a great teacher? Surely, all who have contributed great things to mankind recognize the genesis of their accomplishments as the influence of a gifted teacher. So, in addition to providing the resourses teachers so desperately need, our mission is to showcase the stories of courage, selfless service and extrodinary devotion to our children by teachers.  We are dedicated to providing teachers a forum to share, in their own voices, some of the inspirational stories of sacrifice and selflessness as children are rescued. Stories that often go untold.

So, if you’re a teacher, or your life was greatly influenced by a teacher, I think you will like what we are trying to do here.  Certainly you’ll want to let us know what you think of our efforts and I hope you will participate and provide the input we need to make this project more fully reflect the contribution made by one of the most heroic of all professions … that of the TEACHER! 

We are anxious to move our project forward and are looking for educators willing to serve on our advisory board.   There are plans to actively recruit board members, however, if you know of someone whose background and experience would help or if you are interested yourself please contact us. We are anxious to hear from the education community. 


 Teacher - Superhero  ... I'm a super hero cleverly disguised as a Teacher.  I teach for a living what is your super power.

To further promote the concept of teacher-hero, we will also publicly recognize real  teachers who, through their unselfish dedication to their students, have already achieved true hero status. With the help of local and regional media, we hope to use this publicity to achieve greater visibility and notice for these individuals–both living and dead–for their contributions to their students and our communities. Through our website and local radio, TV and print media, we will publicize these New Mexican Teacher-Heroes on a regular and ongoing basis. Also, we will provide students, parents, community members and colleagues with opportunities to nominate other educators for recognition as American Teacher-Hero status.

Taken together, we believe our efforts can have a real impact. As a small press,  At the same time we will proclaim the truth–with all available media–that the teachers who nurture and motivate and educate our young people are the real American heroes and deserve to be treated as such.

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